Pallet Table


Introduction: Pallet Table

Monastery table from a big pallet!!



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    Very very nice piece of furniture :)
    solid and reliable
    be around for years
    love the symmetry and simplicity of the way you made it
    well done you

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    Whoa, this is a great looking table! It looks really heavy and well made.

    Any more photos showing the assembly? I would love to see some more of the process that went into making this. It is very impressive.

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    Thank you seamster!!!Yes it is very heavy!!!105 kilos!! I take 100 fotos while making it!!


    Again, whoa! This looks excellent!

    You know, you could add these photos into additional steps, and really put together a nice tutorial covering how you made this. I think people would respond well to that. People love to read the details associated with great looking projects like this!