This table cover will transform any small table into a strong big table. The cover works as a camouflage. You can use any type of wood. For our table we have used OSB.

Step 1: Measurements

Use these measurements for a generic table Jacket. Most tables will fit in this wooden jacket, though make sure you measure your own table before you start using these drawings.

Step 2: Use a Tablesaw for All the Pieces.

Measure twice before using the saw!

Step 3: First Carpentry

Use nails to put together the jacket for the table-legs and the tabletop.

Step 4: Connecting the Pieces

Use corner pieces to make a rigid connection.

Step 5: Putting Together the Pieces

Get any standard straight-legged table and start with the leg jackets.

Step 6: ET VOILA!

We've turned this tiny table into a monster table!
Just curious, what is the purpose of putting this over another table.&nbsp; Does the inner table give otherwise missing strength or stability?&nbsp; Just seems like the cover is a pretty decent table in its own right.&nbsp; Thanks for the help.<br />
We indeed use it as a temporary device for events, for which we needed this look&amp;feel. We made it such way that we can use it on almost any table with straight legs.<br /> The wood/OSB is not strong enough on its own, though it is very cheap and has a great look. It is also an easy surface to finish with paint. <br /> This way we have a big good/strong looking table for just a few bucks and no fixings are required.
It looks to me like a temporary device. That is you assemble it around an existing table - no fixings are required. Later you take it off.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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