A team of 3 of my fourth grade students designed and built this table organizer for our school tools. Their team name is "The Crafters."

Step 1:

  • Put 4 disks down in a square
  • Attach the disks with zip ties like in the picture
  • The center zip ties are crossing

Step 2:

  • Place two disks upright on the edge of the base lined up with the base disks.
  • Zip tie the disks like shown in the picture.

Step 3:

  • Keep building the outside walls up with 8 disks
  • Zip the disks onto the base
  • Zip walls together

Step 4:

  • Zip together four disks in the shape of a +
  • Zip the + to the base and the sides
  • Be sure to zip the disks on the corners and the bottom like shown in the picture.

so cool! I'm gonna do that tonight!
<p>you guys did rile amazing!</p>
<p>Nice. I love the fact that you found a practical way to reuse old floppy disks.</p>

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