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Introduction: Table Organizer

Using cardboard, I'll show you how! It's very easy!!

Step 1: Materials Needed:

-acrylic paint
-paint brush
-something plastic(plate)
-heavy object

Step 2: Design

Create or find a desired layout for the organizer and cut.

Step 3: Base

With the design cut, place it on the cardboard and cut.
*Draw the base.

Step 4: Cut the Squares

Having already the base we put it aside and take the design again, place it on a new cut cardboard, we draw and cut the squares.
*Repeat step to the desired height.

Step 5: Paste & Dry

Now that we have all the cardboard cut, we paste them one after another.
*Place the heavy object so that it sticks well. *Leave to dry overnight.

Step 6: Paint

Already dry(organizer), great now we can paint.
*Leave to dry 15 min(the paint) and do many layer you want.

Step 7: Finish Organizer!!

I hope you have enjoyed this project as I enjoy it!!



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