Introduction: Table Saw Fence Storage Pipe

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I have found various places to store the fence of my table saw. None worked very well and often other junk was in the way.

Step 1: 3" PVC Schedule 40 Pipe

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I found the fence would slide into 3" PVC Schedule 40 Pipe so I cut piece about 28" long, just a bit shorter than the table.

The outside diameter of 3" pipe is about 3.5", it is a long story.

Be careful cutting the pipe and chamfer all the edges. Sharp edges can cut you, and you will be working around this pipe for years.

Step 2: Big Wire Ties

Picture of Big Wire Ties

To hold the pipe up to the side tables I used heavy duty wire ties, the ones about 3/8" wide. One near the front and one near the back. This held the pipe above the back edge of the table so the pipe couldn't slide out.

Step 3: All Done, Enjoy!

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So now I have a quick spot to store the fence, and it is always ready to pull out too.

Work Safe and have Fun. I hope you enjoyed this little project.



tytower (author)2017-06-24

Looks like you have room to get a bit more stuff stored under there . Jigs , feather boards ,clamps etc

carl5blum (author)tytower2017-06-25

Hello TyTower:
I have thought of replacing the base from 1981, but other projects keep calling. The Radial Arm Saw base was worth the time for replacement!

Thanks, Carl.

Koolman60 (author)2017-06-24


wrsexton (author)2017-06-24

quick and easy solution to an irritating problem. Well done!

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