Introduction: Table Saw Router Extension

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I decided to modify my router table to act as a table saw extension. The instructable for the router table can be seen at the following link.

Step 1: Size

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Measure the width of the table saw and resize the router table to match. The width of steel plates in the next step should also be accounted for.

Step 2:

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Cut two pieces of 1/8" flat steel plate for the sides of the router table and drill holes to attach.

Step 3: Countersink

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Counter sink the holes.

Step 4: Attach

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Attach the plates flush to the surface of the router table.

Step 5: Mounting Holes

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Drill holes that align with the table saw's support rails.

Step 6: Mount

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Mount the router table between the support rails and tighten the bolts when it is level with the table saw surface.

Step 7: Finish

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