Table Saw Sled (w/ Toggle Clamps)





Introduction: Table Saw Sled (w/ Toggle Clamps)

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I had kickback accident in the shop (linked in the video above), so I decided to build a cross cut sled to make safer more precise cross cuts on the table saw. I wanted to make it my own so I used UHMW plastic for the runners, and added mini t-track on the back fence for toggle clamps and a flip stop block.

Step 1: Materials

I used UHMW plastic runners from peachtree woodworking that measured 3/4" by 3/8" by 48". I got the 1/4" mini t-track from amazon. It's the shop fox brand. It accepts any 1/4" bolt head, which is nice for making your own accessories. The most expensive part were the Bessey toggle clamps which I modified to slip into the track.

Step 2: Runners

I used screws every 2 inches to attach my UHMW plastic runners to the base of the table saw sled. I predrilled from the top, and used a screwdriver to tighten them.

Step 3: Rear Fence

I made a 3/4" dado in the back fence to fit the t-track. Then I used a countersinking bit to drill holes in the aluminum to screw it into place.

Step 4: Modify Clamps

I used 1/2" UHMW plastic scraps and a 1/4" t-nut insert to make my own t-track mounts for the Bessey toggle clamps. I also had to extend the clamps themselves so they would reach the base of the fence. Since they were an unusual thread (M8 1.25), I had to re-tap an off the shelf 5/16" barrel to join the two.

Step 5: Finished Product

The finished products works great. I spray lacquered the top and bottom and waxed the bottom so it slides easier. The clamps are auto adjusting so they accept any material between 1/2 and 2 1/4 inches!

Step 6: Flip Stop

I also ordered an $8 dollar flip stop block that slides into the t-track as well for easy repeatable cuts.



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    5 Discussions

    Nice Job! I have to make a sled myself and your design looks very nice.

    wow! I was working on something similar, but more for holding 3d prints, giving me hope and ideas. Awesome job

    awesome! I just subscribed you on youtube! those are great woodworking videos!

    nice work! while bessey makes some good toggle clamps, you should also check out harbor "fright", they have several very inexpensive ones good for shop fixtures

    Very nice!

    This looks like a mega-ultra-deluxe table saw sled . . . I might be due for an upgrade. Great ideas!