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Step 14: Bezel Buttons and Flip Down Door

Picture of Bezel Buttons and Flip Down Door

The bezel should be already cut and painted.

- If installing a QuickKey Adapter follow these steps

- Figure out the spacing and mark then drill the holes for the buttons, use a 9/64" drill bit

- Solder up all the buttons onto the perf-board, all the buttons should have 1 lead wired in parallel, that will be ground.

- Sold a wire to the other button's lead, and connect that using the headers/housings to the controller.

- Insert the perfboard button assembly into the holes and secure with tape or hotglue.

Bezel Artwork:

- Done in colored vinyl and printed decals art is in the ZIP file.

- The buttons on the bottom are optional, but are used in conjunction with a QuickKey Adapter. Which is a HID keyboard, with each of the 9 buttons on the bezel linked to a hotkey. Such as Minimize, maximize, show desktop, open TouchScreen Launcher, Close Program, Alt+Ctrl+Delete(open task manager) and more.

- The button decals were printed and laminated, the artwork is available in the ZIP file.

Keyboard Flip Down Door:

- Forgot to take a picture, but an image of it is shown below. Art is available in the ZIP file

- Applied the decals to the painted Masonite. This was done in colored vinyl and printed decals.

- Installed the Push In to open style cabinet latches from the hardware store, one for each side, but I glued the metal contact part on rather than screwing them. Used Liquid Nails for that.

Sprites for creating graphics were found at
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