Step 9: Control Panel

There are many options for button layouts, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what would be best.

Prepare Control Panel:

- Decide on a Layout, I included a few options in the ZIP below.

- Print or layout your pattern onto the 22"x11" MDF panel cut earlier.

- Before doing anything, cut out the front edge, it should be rounded evenly.

-  If the panel is all cut out and its edges finished to your liking, continue, if its not consider doing it again.

- Now lay down the pattern and mark all the holes, mark the button holes differently then say the holes for the screws that hold the joysticks on. Keeping in mind what side of the panel you want face up.

Drilling the Panel:
*My buttons required a 1 1/8th inch hole, yours might be different, so look into it.

I drilled as many of the holes as I could with my drill press then used my old Rockwell power drill(circa 1960s and still works) to finish the other holes.

- Ensure the holes are straight and on their mark.

- Drill out all the control buttons.

- I used the same 1 1/8th hole saw to drill out the joystick hole

- With a 1/8th bit drill out the mounting holes for the joysticks.

- Optionally, with a countersink bit, counter sink the holes to use v-head screws

- Or don't countersink them and use round-top screws.


- Sand down the edges

- Give it several coatings of paint

- Apply any decals or what not, vector files for my design is in the ZIP file.

- Apply a few to several layers of polyurethane.