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It all started in my work environment, when I realized that my computer did not have a good air circulation because of the cabinets on the sides, that made it get high temperatures, so using a little creativity and materials in hand. I made this simple but very useful adaptation, which greatly improved the circulation of air, and I even gained space to store some small objects.

Step 1: Platform

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I made an adaptation to my desk using low cost material and recycling.

I started using strips of wood in the measurements of 1.5mm x 4mm x 50cm and a board of 1.5mm x 25cm x 76cm to make a raised platform on the table as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Initial Cuttings

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Then I began to cut Paper known in Brazil as Papel Panam√°, its thickness is 4mm.

Step 3: Cooler

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I prepared a Base of 20cm x 50cm and Centralized a Base of 20cm x 11cm in the Vertical with 7cm of the bottom and centralized. In this Vertical Base, I drilled and installed a Cooler from a computer that I dismounted to pick up parts and connected a Plug to connect the power from the Source that will turn on the Cooler.

Step 4: Lighting

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I used a cabinet luminaire, because it will work on 3 AAA batteries, this way, even with a lack of electricity, I could use it, I just connected it to a switch and made the construction of its casing also in Panama paper, To better access it in case of maintenance, I made the installation using bolts and nuts.

Step 5: Energy

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To Turn on the Cooler 12v dc, I used an old cellphone source.

Step 6: Test

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In the next picture, you can see that in the test it worked perfectly.

Step 7: Bottom

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Then I made another Base, this time with a 20cm x 13cm cutout centered forward, and I installed the Side and Bottom using the height of the Vertical Base of the Cooler.

Step 8: Installing Cooler

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The Base of the Cooler, I ended up doing Removable Way to Facilitate a Probable Cleaning or Maintenance.

Step 9: Low Boost

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I then made reinforcement throughout the Base using strips of 1cm, and using Geometric shapes in order to have a better result.

Step 10: Reinforcement

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I did reinforcement in the Base of Top too, and I took the opportunity to make two Cross bars in order to facilitate the installation.

Step 11: Painting

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I used a Silver Paint Spray to give a semi-matte finish, then installed a railing in front of the Cooler and drilled several holes in the bottom so the air circulates down.

Step 12: Finally Done

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I managed to make a good improvement in the air circulation, because the table is between cabinets, and the air did not circulate very well. In the Image you can see the completed work.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-11-09

Nice DIY desk. I made this a lot in college because I had to move every year and I had to make a new desk setup each time.

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