Step 2: Remove the Slats

We removed the ugly slats to replace it with beauitful, new inlays. It was unfortunately more diffcult than we had anticipated to remove the center slats, we actually had to cut them out!
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<p>i've recently thought of going into the business of refurbishing furniture to pay for college and I would love to check out the link to your blog but it's not working, any chance you moved your blog or can send me a few links to refurbishing for noobs? thanks :D and btw love what you did to the table, would have never thought of adding a cloth inlay to the cabinets, such an inspiration</p>
<p>Thanks for keeping us on our toes! We changes our URL a while ago and forgot to update some of the old links. You can find our blog post here: http://www.myhomelifemag.com/2012/04/29/table-transformation/</p>
Looks awesome. I know you didn't like the look of the slats, and cut them out before staining but I think it might have looked good if the slates where kept a light color similar to what they were original with the rest just dark. But it looks great with the suede as well.
Thanks very much, Gunther! Having the slats a lighter color would've certainly looked good also. <br><br>We appreciate you leaving your comment!
wow so super beyootifulz
Thanks so much for leaving your comment and moreso the encouragement! Have a great day!
I really like the new look!
Thanks so much Penelopy! We thought it come out great!

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