Step 4: Voila!

You're done!!!

Make sure whatever stain you use is sealed after, we used polyurethane to seal ours.
A tip: lay several coats and make them thick. Once you're finished, go back over the furniture with a fine grit sand paper (we used 20) to take the rough edge off and give it a nice finish.
Protected and smooth!

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<p>i've recently thought of going into the business of refurbishing furniture to pay for college and I would love to check out the link to your blog but it's not working, any chance you moved your blog or can send me a few links to refurbishing for noobs? thanks :D and btw love what you did to the table, would have never thought of adding a cloth inlay to the cabinets, such an inspiration</p>
<p>Thanks for keeping us on our toes! We changes our URL a while ago and forgot to update some of the old links. You can find our blog post here: http://www.myhomelifemag.com/2012/04/29/table-transformation/</p>
Looks awesome. I know you didn't like the look of the slats, and cut them out before staining but I think it might have looked good if the slates where kept a light color similar to what they were original with the rest just dark. But it looks great with the suede as well.
Thanks very much, Gunther! Having the slats a lighter color would've certainly looked good also. <br><br>We appreciate you leaving your comment!
wow so super beyootifulz
Thanks so much for leaving your comment and moreso the encouragement! Have a great day!
I really like the new look!
Thanks so much Penelopy! We thought it come out great!

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