My mom took a short course on making glass mosaics and made a mosaic of a celtic knot. She asked me to make a table with her mosaic as the top with a shelf to put blankets etc. in. this is the design we came up with together. Her mosaic was 18.5" x 24.5" so the whole table is based around that and matching the height of the couches in their living room. The finished mosaic was about an inch thick so the recess in the top was cut to match that.

I designed the table so all the joinery can be cut with a table saw and dado blades so it's mostly half-lap joints. I modeled the table in sketchup after it was completed to help show how it all went together. I attached sketchup files of both the whole table assembled and all the individual pieces separate so you can visualize them more easily.

I made some notes on the images where I thought it would make more sense than lots of text in the description. if you have any questions I'll try to make things more clear. Thanks for reading!

Step 1: Collect Material

to build this table for raw materials you need:

5x 8' 2x4's (structural parts: legs, rails and mosaic surround)

4x 8' 1x4's (slats for the bottom and sides)

1x 18.5"x24.5"x1" glass mosaic

I easily fit all the wood in my car. I chose 8' lumber since it fits inside the car and I don't need to worry about needing to tie it to the roof. you might need one more 1x4 or 2x4 since the pieces might not come out evenly from the 8' lengths. I always have leftover chunks of 2x4 from other projects so this method of estimating what to buy works out ok since I can cover the extra with scraps or just buy one extra board every couple times I buy supplies.

tools I used:

table saw with dado blades

router with roundover bit


<p>That turned out so perfect! I love it!</p>

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