Table Light


Introduction: Table Light

So here is an instructable for a great nighttable light. It's easy to make, I use it often and I think you will like it.

Step 1: Size

You need 4 woodboards which are 20 cm, 7 cm, 0,5cm long.
You also need one woodboard which is 12 cm, 12cm, 1,5cm for the bottom.
4 sticks 4 cm, 0,5cm, 0,5cm
8 very tiny woodblocks
and a light!!!.

Step 2: Sketching

This is the pattern for the sides, first you have to make a sketch.

Step 3: Copying

Now you have to copy the sketch and you have to glue it on the woodboards so you can saw better.

Step 4: Sawing

You have to saw the woodboards very carefully.!!!!!

Step 5: Stecking Together

If all sides fit together, you can wrap off the paper.

Step 6: Glueing

Now you can glue the pieces together, but be careful:-)

Step 7: Grinding

Now all the paper must be grinded off.

Step 8: Glueing 2.0

Now glue one stick in each corner, to hold the board with the light bulb.

Step 9: Electronics

Now make a hole in a woodboard and fix the electric part with the light bulb on it. The light bulb has to match perfect in the piece of wood.

Step 10: Glueing 3.0

Now you have to glue 2 tiny woodblocks in each corner.

Step 11: The Cable

Make a rekruiment were the cable matches into and glue it to the bottom.

Step 12: Holes

You need different sizes of drills. Make as many holes as you want.

Step 13: Beautying

Now make everything beauty, than you are finished.

Step 14: Finish

You made it! You are finished.If you have any questions please write a comment:-)



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