This is a fairly simple to build extension for a table saw to help when cutting large sheets of wood, or to add a little extra surface area for small projects. I made mine out of aluminum to cut down on weight, and because I wanted to challenge myself to try something I've never really worked with before.

The store didn't have any extension tables or rollers on hand, and I didn't feel like going through the trouble of ordering one and waiting for it arrive; So I just bought some aluminum and went to work. No plans, no written measurements, just a rough mental image and a few basic tools.

If anyone builds this I'd love to see your version!

Step 1: Supplies

For my saw I got: two 1" square tubes, one 3/4" tube, and two 3/4" angled pieces. All 3' lengths. If I ever upgrade this project I'd go with 3/4" tube instead of the angles; they're sturdy enough to get the job done, but they might buckle under heavier loads. You'll also need a few bolts about an inch and a half long.

For tools you'll need: a ruler/tape measure, a ratchet, a wrench, a drill and/or drill press, some drill bits, a hole saw, a hacksaw, a file, and a micrometer/caliper is handy.

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