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This is my first instructable so be gentle please. I am constanly working with larger sheets of material. I have a small table saw and it is always a pain to work on such a small area with such a large piece. I always save bits and parts from previous projects and while looking at what I had I figured I could come up with something to make life easier.

You will need:
1X3 ½ board. Length depends on your saw horse
1 ¼ “ X 5 SCH 40 PVC. Length depends on your saw horse
2 bolts at least 2 inches long with 2 washers and 4 nuts (I used 1/4 inch)

Hole saw 1 1/2"
chop saw or hand saw

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Step 1: Uprights

Picture of Uprights
Start by using a hole saw to make two plugs. I used a 1 ½” saw which made plugs that fit nicely inside my 1 ¼ “ X 5 SCH 40 PVC. Make two of them.

Step 2: Uprights

Picture of Uprights
Cut a piece 6 inches long. Find the center line and measure down 5/16” and drill a hole there using the same size bit as your hole saw.  Cut a 45 degree piece off each corner near the hole you just drilled.The final piece should look like this. You will need to make two of these.

Step 3: Uprights

Picture of Uprights
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Assemble the up supports by first installing a bolt from the outside like this

Then add one of the wooden plugs

Next add a washer

Finish by adding two nuts. Put the first one on and leave about a 1/16 space between it and the washer. Put the second one on and tighten it against the first one. This will allow the plug to spin without binding up. Repeat for the other side.

Step 4: Cross piece

Cut a piece of the 1X3 ½ long enough to fit between the down supports of your saw horse. Make sure you leave at least a inch of space on each side. This will be the cross piece.
Moordikai2 years ago
Great idea! Simple and straight forward. Definitely going to build this.
zazenergy3 years ago
This is great! Congrats on your first Instructable and welcome to the community :)
CementTruck3 years ago
Cool idea. I could use this.