This is my first instructable so be gentle please. I am constanly working with larger sheets of material. I have a small table saw and it is always a pain to work on such a small area with such a large piece. I always save bits and parts from previous projects and while looking at what I had I figured I could come up with something to make life easier.

You will need:
1X3 ½ board. Length depends on your saw horse
1 ¼ “ X 5 SCH 40 PVC. Length depends on your saw horse
2 bolts at least 2 inches long with 2 washers and 4 nuts (I used 1/4 inch)

Hole saw 1 1/2"
chop saw or hand saw

Step 1: Uprights

Start by using a hole saw to make two plugs. I used a 1 ½” saw which made plugs that fit nicely inside my 1 ¼ “ X 5 SCH 40 PVC. Make two of them.
<p>Great tutorial, please keep up the good work. I'll build this for my tablesaw.</p>
Great idea! Simple and straight forward. Definitely going to build this.
This is great! Congrats on your first Instructable and welcome to the community :)
Cool idea. I could use this.

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