In a few days i'll be going back for my final year at uni. So far its been great, but with the wisdom of 3 year behind me what could i do to improve the experience? a mini-bar of course!!!

For my mini-bar i was going to build upon the experience of making a bar for my girlfriend: https://www.instructables.com/id/Wall-mounted-Mini-... , i also wanted to adapt the design to suit my needs, namely the need for wine.

This project cost about £20 for materials, plus a little more for paint (which we already had), it was very easy and was completed in around 2 days so a perfect weekend project.

Materials: MDF, screws, glue, 1m piano hinge, paint, wood filler, booze

Tools: saw (band saws are great!!), coping saw, screwdriver, drills (30mm hole saw, 22mm bit, standard sized bits), clamps, sandpaper, power sander

Step 1: Planning

This is easily the most critical part of the build and took a bit of time, firstly i decided on what i wanted to be able to store in the bar: Wine bottles (~8), spirit bottles, corkscrew, knife, wine stoppers, chopping board, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, shot glasses.

With this list of requirements the plan started to come together and dimensions set, the width for example was set to 607mm (internally), as this is the width of a "half-sheet" the depth was determined by the height of a wine bottle which should be able to lie horizontally within the bar. my need for a variety of glasses lead me to hang some and have the others below to maximise space. i also decided to add a shelf and a draw for the chopping board and misc. utensils.

For this project i bought a 2440*1220 sheet of 9mm MDF. With a rough plan laid out i made a cutting list for my sheet material, this was done in B&Q at the time of purchase:

Top: 340*607

Bottom: 340*607

Sides: 2* 460*340

Front: 2* 440*303

Back: 440*607

Internat vertical partitions: 2* 440*320

Internal horizontal partitions: 2* 607*320 (to be cut into correct lengths lather)

Additionally i ensured i had enough pieces of miscellaneous wood in the garage to make the wine rack.

<p>thanks for sharing this great idea of a portable bar :-) i love the idea. I also love the idea of making one for someone else first before making one for your self</p>
well done! maybe add a touch of class and line where the glass and bottles rest with velvet or a material of the likes.
<p>I love how compact this is! Nice job!</p>
<p>Thank you :) glad you like it, I got most of the way through making one for somebody else and decided i really really needed one!!</p>

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