Step 33: Testing the joule thief

Picture of Testing the joule thief
Energy_seed_instructables_14_15_mars_2009_ 222.jpg
Energy_seed_instructables_14_15_mars_2009_ 227.jpg
Look at that picture, it mean everything!

Connect a LED and you should see it light up.

ps- the very first time I did make a joule thief, it did not work!! I then said " Srew it!" I then never touched that circuit until now!

This mean, don't give up!
Cyborg20043 years ago
I didn't had any problems with mine :D all this light with an almost depleted battery :D
EdurusFas5 years ago
I can totally understand why you'd say "Screw it": I have made two circuits and neither one works for me. I have been trying to see if there is any way to verify the transformer is working - but since I am a novice, I don't know how to make sure it is working so I can rule that out as a problem. But, I won't give up - I'm still going to try again, and gain, and again :)