Step 5: Drills the Power Rails Plates

Simply drill out holes in the plates. The holes size depends of the screw you will use.

I use #6 wooden screws.

I use a metal punch to mark where I wanted the holes. This will help you center the drill bit when drilling.
You could use a sharp nail and a hammer to mark the metal instead of using a metal punch.

After drilling I use a big drill bit to scuff the metals bits. ( By hand )
<p>This a great idea! Very elegant.</p>
&nbsp;Looks great so far, 1 question though. &nbsp;What is the bead and homemade transformer for? &nbsp;What does it do?<br /> <br /> Thanks!!<br />
the bead is the transformer core. Like any other transformer, you have a core to make the magnetic field move from the primary to the secondary.<br />
is this a ac-dc trans. or will it pump up the voltage ??????????
is this a ac-dc trans. or will it pump up the voltage ??????????
I didn't had any problems with mine :D all this light with an almost depleted battery :D
does it have a power switch or do you just take the batteries out? I don't know very much about power switches. I saw a page labeled power switch, and i looked at the pictures and read it, but wasn't really sure about it...
I must get myself a nibbler how thick of metal can it handle?
What is the diameter size of the heat shrink that you used?
this thing is awesome! but can it be made to use different types of batteries such as AAA or C?
Sure! You have to make some adjustments for them though
am i right in thinking that if you un-plug the lamp it will short out the batteries?
Hey, great job on this. It was easy to follow, and understand! I really liked how you saw the design, and basically made it work! Again, great job, 5* :)
Just a thought, and it's not nice but probably true. I think that some nasty people are going to put cigarette butts in where the batteries should go. :(
You should seriously think about getting a patent for that and selling it!
This minus the LEDs plus mintyboost = charger
Would a PN2222 transistor work (instead of a 2N2222)<br>(full text :<br>PN2222A<br>W 83)
a PN2222 transistor works as well as the 2 cited above
Very good project, it's beautiful, witty, decorative ... what else? EXCELLENT!
beautiful idea and instructable! c:... i always had lots of batteries i can't use anymore, so this is really useful... i love u. :)
does this have a schematic and foil layout?
What if you implemented a VU meter chip?<br><br>Basic Idea:<br>As the room gets louder more levels of leds light up.<br><br>You would also need to use an amplifier too
I'm worried about the power consumption from the LEDs. It seems that when I try this, all of the LEDs in the circuit get dim. I would like them brighter. Anyway I can do this? I'm thinking a more powerful transistor....
Double Awesome!!!!!!
I'm planning on using the circuit for various types of batteries - some may be spent more than others. With that in mind, I am worried about having too much power from all the batteries. Do you have a suggestion for that (maybe an additional resistor in the circuit someplace)? Thanks!
I can totally understand why you'd say &quot;Screw it&quot;: I have made two circuits and neither one works for me. I have been trying to see if there is any way to verify the transformer is working - but since I am a novice, I don't know how to make sure it is working so I can rule that out as a problem. But, I won't give up - I'm still going to try again, and gain, and again :)
I got it!!!!:) It took me a while, but I finally got the tranformer to work :)
very very very very very nice tutorial... &lt;3.. is fun and useful ... thanks to provide us.. your ideaaaa.........
Is there a subsitiution for the ferrite bead item? I'm trying to make this by using stuff from junked components, and I don't have any ferrite bead items. (I have junked walkman version cd players for parts - but haven't seen any ferrite bead items in them). Thanks
I seen people use a nail! You will have to wrap the wire over itself or something. http://hackedgadgets.com/2007/03/22/rusty-nail-led-night-light/
Thanks! I was able to find one. In cigarette phone chargers that have a light, there is a ferrite bead. After getting this piece, I realized that the circuits I have from junked items do not have the proper transisitor on them. So, I have to look a bit more for the parts. I cannot wait to make this item. Thanks Again for such a nifty instructable :)
the ferrite bead is necessary...........you can get it out of an old cfl lamp
How long does it run on a full set of dead batteries?
I did not test it yet. I normally power the thing with 1 AA battery for the entire night and then turn it off during the day. I did not try using more then 1. I will try it out now. I will put 4 battery with 1.35V each.
HAHAHA! I went to put the batteries and it was already FULL of batteries! I think my DAD had some fun with the lamp! ok the lamp was powered on at 11h15 PM monday. average voltage is 1.35V green and white LED are ON (very bright)
OK we are saturday night and the light is VERY dim that is 5 days!<br> <br> It was powered for 120Hours! AMAZING! <ul> <li> battery #1 = 1,32V <li> battery #2 = 1,10V <li> battery #3 = 1,84V <li> battery #4 = 0,82V </ul> <br> I plug the 1,32V battery alon in the lamp and everything light up nicelly! I will let the battery rest for a few hours.<br> <br> I am sort of filtering the good battery from the bad. battery #1 and #2 seems to be very good! I should do the same with new battery.
You just filled it all the way up? Wow, well now you can test it.
I just added 4 battery only. I don't know where all the dead batteries in the house went...
Now you have an excuse to use up the power in all of the battery powered things in you house!
You and your stupid laser you had on hand!
yep! I really miss that laser!
Why don't you have acess to it anymore?
because it was a 4 months internship that is 3000 km (1 864 miles ) away from home! I can still ask my boss to laser cut stuff for me but I have to be 100% sure everything fits, etc
Oh, you lived their for four months? What was the internship? Precision manufactoring, possibly?
yes I lived there for 4 months. I was in the research and development departement and was in charge of making new kits and playing with cool stuff.<br> Here is the instructables of Solarbotics:<br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/solarbotics" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/member/solarbotics</a><br> <br> And here is a kit I made:<br> <a href="http://www.solarbotics.com/products/k_jb/" rel="nofollow">http://www.solarbotics.com/products/k_jb/</a><br>
I like laser cut more. =D
can I use a C9015 transistor instead of the N3904/ N2222? I really dont know which is the difference between them thnks
hello I check the datasheet of the <strong>9014 </strong>and it seems to be a general purpose transistor like the <strong>2N3904</strong>. It can drive 150mA. The 2N3904 can do 200mA.<br /> <br /> <strong>2N3904</strong>/ 2N2222 = <strong>C9014 </strong>NPN Small Signal<br /> <strong> 2N3906 </strong>=&nbsp; <strong>C9015 </strong>PNP Small Signal<br /> <br /> the 2N2222 can drive a lot more current, 1000mA!<br /> <br /> so yes that could work<br /> <br /> have fun!<br /> <br />
or maybe a C9014 transistor (a NPN transistor too) instead of the N2222? would it still work?

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