Picture of Table top hotwire Styrofoam cutter
When i saw Creativeman's mosaic can out of Styrofoam...i wanted to make my own hot wire cutter...did a lot of research and came up with this version. I didn't   like wires showing and I also wanted the arm to tilt....and be able to pack it away flat in minutes!

Step 1: Things you need

Picture of Things you need
Nichrome wire 30 AMG
PVC tube
PVC tube L connector
screw hook
wing nut and bolt
about 4 washes
dry wall screws
ac indicator switch
dimmer switch
Wooden box with lid
social2 years ago
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shazni (author)  social2 years ago
I checked it...it looks very hardy and the fence is good...but for sales...it needs to look beautiful too..don't you think...perhaps paint it? just my suggestion... surf online and see the professional Styrofoam cutters for some ideas. Good luck in your business...hope you prosper :-)
Ryutso3 years ago
This is actually a very elegant way to go about it. Where did you source your wooden box from?
shazni (author)  Ryutso3 years ago
Thanks :-) ...Actually i made it...plywood for the top (1ply) and bottom(2 ply)...cheap soft wood for the sides....but if you have small crates...those would do too. The fist one i made as a trial wasn't much...just a basic structure to see if it works...but i wanted something that i could see without feeling.. oh it's ugly! I wanted a store bought look! :-D
This is great, have you ever tried cutting urethane foam (upholstery foam) with it? My mother has a home upholstery business and she's always cutting thick (up to 6" foam with an electric kitchen knife, but it's imprecise and makes a mess. I'm sure she would get a lot of use out of something like this if it worked for her.
shazni (author)  christyoates3 years ago
If you mean something like the sponge...yes it'll cut... After i read your message i went looking for the sponge to check and see....didn't find the yellow sponge...but found something like that which we use for washing dishes...tried it and it cuts like a hot knife through butter!
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Thanks a lot for sacrificing a sponge, I appreciate it! I am going to try to make this next week when I'm at my mom's shop. I voted, please vote for me as well. Thanks!