Table made from recycled pallets

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Step 1: Of 4

Cut four pieces at 3” x 20“ (legs)

Cut two pieces at 3” x 35” (sides of table)

Cut twelve pieces at 3” x 12” (side & top)

Step 2: Of 4

Use screws to put at the end of each 3” x 35” boards and 3” x 12” boards to make a rectangle

Step 3: Of 4

Screw the 3” x 20 “ boards (legs) on the inside of the table frame

Step 4: Of 4

Screw the remaining 3” x 24” boards face down on top of table frame

<p>I made it with some modification due to the wood pieces I had.</p><p>I fixed legs with nuts and bolt (and placed an hinge for each leg) because this table must be foldable. In this way the space it takes when not in use is just the table tickness because legs are kept in the table itself when not in use.</p><p>Sorry but I haven't take any photo</p><p>Legs for me have to be not permanent, so the table is now foldable. </p>
<p>Terrific instructable! Thanks so much for sharing. </p>
<p>great instructable, easy, no many tool required and totaly usefull</p><p>i would just use nails on the top, maybe &quot;headless&quot; nails</p><p>sry for my lame english :S</p>
gotta love the quick n dirty projects. nice one<br>
Nice looking table.... Thanks for sharing
<p>Thank you</p>

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