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Tablet Covers can be expensive and get a lot of abuse protecting your tablet. A little maintenance can extend the life of your tablet cover. Buy a can of "Liquid Electrical Tape" from your favorite hardware store and apply sparingly to the damages edges using the brush attached to the inside of the lid; following the instructions and cautions on the can.

Once dry, apply a second coat to complete the job.

Of course this best on a black cover but there are equivalent products in a few other colours.

Step 1:

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First coat applied to the edge.

Step 2:

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Corner with second coat applied to the right edge. More coats can be applied if there are gaps but don't over do it or it may be more like a tape than a repair that blends in to the cover.

Let it dry well before putting your tablet back in the cover. Wouldn't want any black stuff on your glass!


tomatoskins (author)2015-05-07

I've never used liquid electrical tape, but this looks handy!

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