Tablet Device Protective Case from binder cover

Picture of Tablet Device Protective Case from binder cover
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How to transform a clear holder cover into a Tablet Device Protective Case? This is a self-made, super slim and durable sample.

I brought a tablet PC Unifox M10 a year ago. A rather rare model supports dual OSes, windows and Android, allowing user to select when start up.

The package comes with a soft pouch bag and a plastic stand. But still the device may be damaged as it got no protection when in use. Also the stand is not so convenient to bring around.

Unfortunately I cannot find a suitable case or cover from market. Therefore I planned to make one and finished months ago.

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Step 1: VIP to be protected

Picture of VIP to be protected

Step 2: Tools & Materials

Picture of Tools & Materials
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Very simple tools:

  • Cutting mat

  • Cutter

  • Steel ruler 

  • Pincers

  • Hammer

  • Contact adhesive

  • Tweezers

  • Adhesive tapes

  • Blu-tack (for fixing positions temporarily)

  • Pencil


  • Plastic sheets from the cover of 2 scrap clear holders(1mm thickness preferred)

  • Studs

  • Sponge sheets

Step 3: Accurate Measurement & Design

Picture of Accurate Measurement & Design
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2012-07-04 16.21.31.jpg
Correct and accurate measurement of the device is 200% important or the device cannot fits in the case!

To measure accurately, mind the following points:

  • The edges of device may not be in straight lines. Sometime, it looks straight, still need to confirm by measurement. 

  • Thickness on edge may not be the same in the centre. It's better measure by caliper. But actually I don't got one. :D

  • Any protruded parts

  • Position of screen area, buttons, LED indicators, cam, sockets where holes are to be opened for access.

Planning and design is crucial. At the stage of design, mind the following points:

  • Thickness of the plastic sheet.

    As the case is in a box shape, tabs are needed on every other edge for gluing them together. Thickness of the plastic sheet should be well planned and considered in the design.

  • Thickness of sponge sheet

    Sponge sheet is placed inside the case as cushions to protect the device. It is catered at the design stage.

  • How the device is put in/out of the case