Picture of Tablet Device Protective Case from binder cover
2011-10-15 17.06.10.jpg
2011-10-28 01.49.08.jpg
2011-10-28 01.49.47.jpg
How to transform a clear holder cover into a Tablet Device Protective Case? This is a self-made, super slim and durable sample.

I brought a tablet PC Unifox M10 a year ago. A rather rare model supports dual OSes, windows and Android, allowing user to select when start up.

The package comes with a soft pouch bag and a plastic stand. But still the device may be damaged as it got no protection when in use. Also the stand is not so convenient to bring around.

Unfortunately I cannot find a suitable case or cover from market. Therefore I planned to make one and finished months ago.

Step 1: VIP to be protected