Picture of Tablet Power Socket Fix & Increase Sound Output. ++easy to open!
 Have to lean on the plug to get it to charge? want to increase its sound output? its only 4 months old and weak design errors are making it unreliable , i did not pay for the extended warranty.as it was not an expensive tablet.

"do you want to buy the extended insurance..blah blah blah.. for £20?"________________no i wont drop it.
" if it breaks we will replace blah blah blah"________________________  what about my information, I will fix it.
"antivirus.. blah blah blah.. for £20?"________________android antivirus are you serious,i have a real computer

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
new plug and socket, i chose one bigger and much more reliable than the original,
small screwdrivers,
wire cutter/ stripper
iron and solder
sharp and knife file
multimeter and sticky tape
heatshrink and lighter