Tablet Power Socket Fix & Increase Sound Output. ++easy to open!

Picture of Tablet Power Socket Fix & Increase Sound Output. ++easy to open!
 Have to lean on the plug to get it to charge? want to increase its sound output? its only 4 months old and weak design errors are making it unreliable , i did not pay for the extended it was not an expensive tablet.

"do you want to buy the extended insurance..blah blah blah.. for £20?"________________no i wont drop it.
" if it breaks we will replace blah blah blah"________________________  what about my information, I will fix it.
"antivirus.. blah blah blah.. for £20?"________________android antivirus are you serious,i have a real computer

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
new plug and socket, i chose one bigger and much more reliable than the original,
small screwdrivers,
wire cutter/ stripper
iron and solder
sharp and knife file
multimeter and sticky tape
heatshrink and lighter

Step 2: Open the case

Picture of open the case
i found no external screws, luckily i did not have to remove the front screen or anything drastic.
  • remove your sd card.
i found i could push a thumbnail in a groove around the edge, so i guessed it was a snap fit cover ,
  • starting at a corner away from buttons i slid a flat screwdriver around the edge at about 45 degrees , only allowing a few mm of the blade in at a time, hearing the clips pop as i went round.
  • when opening there will be a wire going to the speaker.
  • and the volume and power button will fall out.

Step 3: Your in!

disconnect wire ribbons by lifting the tabs on the wire ribbon connectors then pull them.
, there was sticky tape holding stuff in place.
and remove the two screws.
so you can get to the where the power socket is soldered on.

Step 4: Flip the board

Picture of flip the board
be very carefull with the wire on the left of the board. the connections look weak.

Step 5: Solder on a couple of wired

there is more sticky film on the back of the board , lift it out the way.
locate the power jack
solder wires on there, put some solder on the contact , then put your wire on the solder and heat and as soon as it sticks remove, im sure its easy to damage stuff in here.
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