Picture of Tablet case
I am using a cheap 7" tablet to do the case
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Step 1: Main material

Picture of main material
I used 1/8 , 4mm thick pvc that I cut 1/8, 4mm biger than the tablet , and on one of them I cut the shape of the screen to include the camera hole, all this was cut with a x acto knife

Step 2: Remaining used materials

Picture of remaining used materials
I got a cloth strap from an old back pack and cut the 6 pieces 2.1/2 , 65mm long, also (not in the picture) one inch long piece of  velcro, to be used on the top side, so you can slide out the tablet

Step 3: Putting together

Picture of putting together
here I used contact glue to fix the six piecs on the top frame

Step 4: Assembling

Picture of assembling
lay down tablet over the back of the frame (where straps were glued)

Step 5: Almost there

Picture of almost there
put the back frame on top of the tablet and more contact glue on the back of the frame and straps, the top side will be glued to the velcro

Step 6: One more step

Picture of one more step
let glue dry .and it's done

Step 7: Ready to take

Picture of ready to take
I hope you like it
MariaV54 months ago

I like it!Thank you !!!!! :-)

Yasinasadi10 months ago

I love it thank you for helping me!