Picture of Tablet / iPad removeable car mount for $1 in 5 minutes
I was looking for a tablet car mount that is easily removable and doesnt leave any traces on the interior. It's quite nice to use a tablet on longer trips, especially the navigation app, however i dont want to use it every day. Any commercial mount i had found took too long to remove or disturbed the design of the interior.

So heres a simple solution that anyone should be able to make in 5 minutes, and it removes itsself in 1 second completely. I have done over 600 miles with this on highways and European country roads with some agressive turns. It was holding the tablet perfectly secure and even dampned the road bumps a little - which wasnt originally intended but works really well.

Step 1: The case

Picture of The case
For this to work, you should already have a standard leather or plastic case for your tablet as most reasonable people do. If you don't have a case you are screwed - you will break your tablet soon so don't bother doing a mount for it. I use a case similar to this one.
NICE! Have been looking for something simple and straight to the point for car mounting, and this looks like it. Thx for sharing.
I really like what you did, thank you for sharing this. However, I've got a Nissan Versa 2012 and it doesn't have a deep enough pocket for this to hang on to. Instead, can I slip the copper strip end to the cd player instead? will this ruin the cd player if i do so?
i think you should cover the end in electrical tape to prevent the copper from triggering the CD mechanism and/or short circuiting something(copper conducts remember).
dboon1 year ago

Cheers for this guys, we have had a couple of our customers ask us about this so we did it for FREE


ftree (author)  dboon1 year ago

Nice, you're welcome :)

kdavis441 year ago
ummmmm, love the solution. I tend to ignore political comments, keeps me blood pressure level. :)
FOClark2 years ago
I love this! Now my Porsche with the Byzantine electronics can have Google navigation on a screen large enough to read! Thank you for an elegant solution! Hats off to you. I can appreciate your Romney jokes with the intended humor. Take no offense from my uber defensive "across the ponders."
Psynn2 years ago
got a question for ya ftree. Would this idea work with a Google nexus 7 housed in an otter box duel case? the type with the plastic screen cover and built-in stand?
ftree (author)  Psynn2 years ago
Hey Psynn

hmm this is a hardcase so you would have to attach the copper somehow to the case.
You could try using some removeable M3 or a rubber band. Otherwise it would need some custom solution.
harleyguy2 years ago
Worry about your European union. Don't take cheep shots at the US and Romney
moparman2 years ago
Nicely done. With innovations like this, who needs to watch the road anymore? I hope this is only viewable to the passengers. I've had to go in the ditch twice because of distracted drivers. Thankfully my wife and kids weren't with me, but it did cost us over $600 in suspension damage, plus lost time from work, towing, etc. (no Christmas presents for the kids that year). But I wasn't killed or confined to a wheelchair right?
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Speaking of pennies...seems the author left one on the seat. :-)
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Nicely done. I do object to your snide remark about Mitt Romney cutting corners. It is an uncalled for comment regardless it it was meant for. I'm doing my best to "be nice" following the rules but if you read between the lines you'll know my thoughts. I would suggest to the Moderator to delete the "cutting corner" comment.
A little humor is good, so long as it doesn't turn into a political polemic. Please ease up.
Learn to take a joke buddy. No need to put on your pouty face for every little comment on the internet. if you object to it, shrug and move on.
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gn0stik2 years ago
Not bad. Very simple. Might want to rivet on a top clip to keep it secure when you are accelerating, etc.
ftree (author)  gn0stik2 years ago
Thanks i have updated step 5 with a picture to show how its kept in place
tylorweaver2 years ago
You should explore a way to design in a top tab to keep the tablet in place, from pivoting over the X-axis and into your center console, while accelerating.
ftree (author)  tylorweaver2 years ago
Thanks, i have added one more picture on step 5 to show how the copper strip goes behind the tablet and keeps it in place. It didn't really tell in the old pictures. Hope this helps to show how its fixed safely.
ftree (author)  ftree2 years ago
copper strip goes between cover and case to fix it
Great Simple post, I like republican cutting corner bit! Thanks JP
sarawelder2 years ago
great idea! It won't work with the case I have, but it will stimulate me to find a fix!
You have a good sense of humor!
Good? no! its great!!!
mlah2 years ago
Nice article but the comment about the case is uncalled for. Just handle your tablet properly and it will be fine case or no case.
maxhuey mlah2 years ago
disagree... :-)
wa7jos2 years ago
Copper strap is soft and can un-bend itself, but there's a way to help cure that.
It's called "work hardening". If you bend it back and forth a couple of times, it gets harder. Just don't overdo it or it will get brittle and crack.
Acceleration and deceleration  would cause this tablet to bump itself in the dashboard which might be so hard to read not to mention the vibration from the road and the engine. Maybe it would be better to install instead of a copper sheet, something with a snap kinda metal(spring steel) that could hold it firmly stuck to the dashboard. Plus a rubber backing to keep the dashboard from the scratches that the new metal would produce. Just a suggestion. Nice instructable!!  I'm gonna do this for the GPS app.
ftree (author)  Mighty T H O R2 years ago
Hey thorpozon thanks for your suggestion. I haven't found acceleration or braking to be an issue even though this is a sports car and i drive it quite radical at times =) The copper is quite sturdy when bent, its 1.5 or 2mm thickness.
Wow, You're right. Copper is strong. I will be using this. thanks Pro
samalert2 years ago
Super easy solution...........a minor tweak wud be to apply some foam kinda stuff at base where the pad rests.
ftree (author)  samalert2 years ago
Yes that could work as well. I used a double layer of tape at the bottom, it keeps it super soft so i haven't had any scratches :)