No need for detailed instructions. No cutting. Maybe some sanding. Readily available materials.

Step 1: There's Not Much to This...

And I'm really only posting this because a search of the site didn't come up with anything that worked as well as this simple, cheap and easy-to-make tablet stand.

Full credit is deserved by the originator of the stand, seen at their site:


Step 2: Yeah, All I Did Was Add a Tube

...because this stand's primary purpose is to hold my phone or tablet for internet radio and similar apps in my 'radio cave', where I've placed an easy chair, a table, my shortwave radio and my vintage radio turned bluetooth speaker.

A pine rosette

A pine plinth block

glue and/or nails and/or screws


decorative item of your choice

Due to the shape of the decorative part of the plinth block, this easily accomodates my cell phone as well as a 10.1" windows tablet.

<p>Version 2.0. I just added a second rosette, about 1/3 of an inch from the back edge. That allows storing my Kindle, my Dell 8&quot; windows tablet, similar things while I prop my phone up on the front as an alarm clock on my nightstand. In the morning, I can take the charger off my phone and move it to another device in the storage slot. I'll be painting this one and adding some felt pads to the base.</p>

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