Introduction: Tablet

Audio books and photos

Step 1: Push Button to Turn On

Step 2: Audio Book

1. Tap book button

2. Use your finger to swipe sideways to 1choose a book. The title will be read out loud.

3. Tap Start to play a book

4. Tap stop to stop

The book will restart at the same place next time you go to it.

Step 3: Go Back to Home Page

Tap home (circle on screen above writing) to go back to the home page

Step 4: Photos

Tap to open

Step 5: Volume

Use left or right side of volume button (on side underneath the words) to adjust volume

Step 6: Charging

Connect power (with 'up' on top) then connect to mains to recharge



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Questions & Answers


Ah, step 2 features my app, the "Homer Player" audiobook player.

I'm so glad you found it useful :)

Great idea to label the ports. This would really help a lot of people like my parents keep everything sorted.