Step 6: Goal

Materials: White acrylic plastic, White mesh cloth, white thread, ⅛ in basswood
Tools: Laser cutter, needle nose pliers, wire cutters

1. Cut the Goal pattern from the provided .svg file from the acrylic

2. Cut the Goal holders from the provided .svg file from the ⅛ in basswood
     a. assemble the 2 cutouts so that the holes line up.
     b. You can use the cut out of the goal frame to make sure they are aligned correctly.

3. Place the supports on the playing field 2” from the edge. Make sure the goal will be able to stand in the supports without bending the goal frame.

4. Cut out a section of white mesh Cloth that is 9” x 7” for the goal frame.

5. Using the thread and needle sew the white mesh cloth to the goal frame. the best way to do this is by having the cloth be a little wider than the goal so you can wrap it around the post and then sew the two pieces of cloth to one another with the section of acrylic goal in between.
Can u make a video?
why no video?
Nice project... you should also include a video to show it in action.

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