Introduction: Tabletop Weaving

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very very easily tabletop weaving

you can weave untill width 30cm

can be weave long!(12.12 upload!!)

Step 1: Step1:cut

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prepare the MDF(450×600×4mm),screw(3Φ)×16

cut MDF by laser cutter machine

Step 2: Step2:make Parts

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Bond each of the parts by wood glue

Step 3: Step3:secure With Screws

Picture of Step3:secure With Screws

Step 4: Step4:set the Thread

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upset weaving

Step 5: Set the Yarn and Hold Between Rods

Picture of Set the Yarn and Hold Between Rods

Step 6: Wind the Thread

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once turn over whole

wind surplus yarn

Step 7: Weave!

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DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-07

Nice table top loom. This would be great for educational demonstrations.

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