Picture of Tacho quema hojas (trash burner drum)
Mientras lamo mis heridas luego del tropezón que tuve con la conversión a gas del generador eléctrico, y cobro coraje para tratar de hacer las modificaciones que me han sugerido varios amigos virtuales, tuve que hacerme tiempo para otras tareas. Una de ellas se derivó de la construcción del chulengo. El caso fue que el chulengo hizo inútil la voluminosa y deteriorada parrilla que yo usaba antes, y consecuentemente la hicimos demoler. Pero yo también usaba la parrilla para quemar de vez en cuando hojas, papeles, cartones y otra basura. Mi idea es que de esa manera disminuyo el uso de bolsas de polietileno, y como de todas maneras es altamente probable que esa basura sea finalmente incinerada, o peor, vaya a contribuir a contaminar las napas de agua.


While I lick my wounds after the trip I had with the conversion to gas electrical generator, and collect courage to try to make the changes suggested several virtual friends, I had to make time for other tasks. One of these was derived from chulengo construction. The case was that chulengo made useless the bulky and damaged grill that I used before, and consequently it was demolished. But I also used the grill to burn occasionally leaves, paper, cardboard and other trash. My idea is thus decreased the use of polyethylene bags, and as in any case it is highly likely that this trash be finally incinerated, or worse, will contribute to contaminate ground water.

Step 1: Conseguir un tacho apropiado (get appropriate drum)

Picture of Conseguir un tacho apropiado (get appropriate drum)
Casi estaba por comprar un tambor de 200 litros vacío, como el que usé para el chulengo, cuando vi que cerca de mi casa había unos lindos tambores de chapa que habían contenido carburo de calcio. Compré uno a solo 20 pesos (menos de 3 U$S).


Almost had to buy a 200 liter empty drum, like I used for chulengo, when I saw near my house they had some nice metal drums that had contained calcium carbide. I bought one just 20 pesos (less than 3 U $ S).
onrust2 years ago
I'm a huge fan of the smaller American barrel for a fire barrel. Your barrel is AWESOME! The lip at the top would retain more heat I'm thinking. Great post :)
bicobo2 years ago
Gran trabajo!

Como dijo un "turco" BBB (bueno, bonito y barato).


Great Job!

As a "turkish" said BBB ( good, nice and cheap).

P.D. for English readers. Last sentence in our region is like a joke
rimar2000 (author)  bicobo2 years ago
Gracias, bicobo. Un abrazo.
Dr Qui2 years ago
Brilliant as usual, that is an interesting shape of barrel, never seen one like that before, very handy shape for inserting the grill. I use an old 45 gallon steel barrel as a burner have had years and years of use from it, it will surprise you how long it will last even when the side are glowing red hot. Try and find a quite long piece of scrap steel tube or re-bar to have as a poker for when you do your burns, it helps allot when you have a large amount of stuff to burn and you get ash build up that is starving the fire of air.
Dr Qui Dr Qui2 years ago
Another useful tip regarding this, when it does start to get rusty the barrel will tend to get flaky, when this happens you will need to knock any large flakes of the outside before you start the burn as rain get in behind the rust and when that boils flakes start whizzing of at high speed and they are hot and can get in the eyes etc, i usually give my barrel a few smacks with the poker to knock of any loose stuff, the rust flakes can be swept up and sprinkled around any iron loving plants like Rhododendrons, some vegetables also like iron rich soil.
rimar2000 (author)  Dr Qui2 years ago
Dr Qui, I am thinking that that drum is stainless steel. I am at 1000 Km from my house, in a holydays trip. But I am almost sure. When I be again at home, I will investigate it.
nlaspelotas2 years ago
Como mola xD
rimar2000 (author)  nlaspelotas2 years ago
Cómo quema, querrás decir. ;)

Gracias por el comentario.
WWC2 years ago
Nicely done.
rimar2000 (author)  WWC2 years ago
Thanks WWC. These little works are rewarding.