Tackle Box Earrings #1 Tutorial




Introduction: Tackle Box Earrings #1 Tutorial

http://www.JewelryLessonVideos.com presents: Tackle Box Earrings #1 Tutorial. Kimra Reed the owner of Just the Pits Jewelry and Design in Columbia City, Indiana instructs her first jewelry lesson from her “Tackle Box Jewelry Series”. In this lesson, you will learn how to turn items from a TACKLE BOX into wearable pieces of jewelry.

Use items that you have never used before to create a one-of-a-kind set of earrings that are sure to inspire and impress. Get ready to raid your husband’s tackle box because we’re crafting with his tackle!

For this lesson you will need:
Package of Three Way Swivels
Twelve O-Rings (Jump Rings)
Two Ear Wires
Needle Nose Pliers

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Step 1: Watch the Video Above to Get Started!

We are educating the masses on how to make jewelry through our easy to follow video tutorials! Please watch the above video lesson and feel free to pause, fast forward, and rewind as much as you would like during your training. Through video, we allow you to work at your own pace and have a complete visual representation of every step that is required to make the piece of jewelry that is featured in our lesson.

If you are unable to watch this video on your mobile device please watch it from our fully responsive website at: http://www.jewelrylessonvideos.com/tackle-box-earrings-1-tutorial

Happy Crafting,
- The JewelryLessonVideos.com team
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