Picture of Taco Pie an adapted recipe
For years my family has enjoyed my version of taco salad http://www.instructables.com/id/Taco-Salad-my-way/ but I seldom make less than 5pounds which is a HUGE bowl and gets expensive. I decided to try something new in a small scale using the basic recipe
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1 Pound of ground meat of choice, either recipe works well with ground chicken or turkey I just prefer beef
 1 packet of taco seasoning
 bell pepper
 french salad dreesing
 catalina salad dressing
 salt and pepper
 steak sauce (not shown)
 dorito style chips
 cheese of choice ( I'm using white cheddar  here but Ive used jack or pepper jack in the past, the choice is yours)
 tortilla flour (local Mexican grocery has ready mix for flour tortillas)
 olive oil
 garlic powder

Step 2: The filling

Picture of the filling
chop your peppers and onions and place in a frying pan, add your ground meat, salt and pepper and allow to slightly brown, add the taco seasoning packet and 1/2 a packet full of water, cover and bring to a hard simmer, remove the lid and allow some of the liquid to cook off and then turn off the heat and allow the mix to cool (while the meat is cooking and cooling you can be making the crust, see next step) once the meat has cooled add in 1/2 cup each of the salad dressing, crush and stir in the dorito chips, cut your cheese choice into small cubes and stir them into the mix