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We first had taco salad during a potluck dinner after an exhibition the kids were in, the kids loved it and I got the recipe. Over the years I've adapted and changed the recipe to fit our needs but it still holds true to the original. As with most recipes this is meant as a guide line, feel free to add your own touches and substitute ingredients to fit your tastes. This isn't a cheap meal by any means but it feeds a LOT of people or a family of 5 can eat multipul meals
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Step 1: Lets get started

Picture of Lets get started
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Some ingredients may be in your pantry or refrigerator if not then go shopping like I did.
Your going to need..
a couple of onions
a couple of green bell peppers (you can add other types to fit your taste)
a bottle of creamy french dressing
 a bottle of catalina or russian dressing
 3 packs of taco seasoning
 steak sauce
worchishire sauce
 3lbs of ground beef
 a large bag of doritos, or mix it up with 2-3 different flavored smaller bags
 a chunk of chedder cheese
 a chunk of montery or pepper jack cheese

Step 2: On the stove

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Use a large skillet, chop up the peppers and onions and let them cook for a couple minutes until tender, add in the ground beef , steak and worceshire sauces and stir, cover and allow to brown slightly

Step 3: 3

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Once the meat has browned some and given up some of its juice and the veggies have sweated out some moisture stir in a pack of taco seasoning and allow to simmer around 10minutes or until the meat is completely cooked

Step 4: 4

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When the meat is completely cooked pour the mixture into a strainer. Pour a cup and a half of water into the still hot pan and add the remaining 2 packs of taco seasonings mix well and return the meat mixture to the pan, stirring to combine and allow to cook uncovered until most of the moisture is gone