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Just a little something I made when I was bored.

Step 1: Silencer

I used a weird eye toy, took the glass off, put a straw part I cut off in the hole, and I put cottonballs and paper surrounding the straw. I then covered the whole thing in electrical tape.

Step 2: Hand Grip

This was uber simple, my homies! All I did was put electrical tape on the barrel. We gonna rock down to...everybody now! ELECTRIC AVENUE!!!

Step 3: Flashlight

Just tape a super small flashlight to the under barrel. Again, use electrical tape or black tape.

Step 4: Done! Time to Get Tactical. ..

Picture of Done! Time to Get Tactical. ..

You are all done now! I did this when I was bored. Show me some new ideas and bersions of your own in the comments below! Until next time, to the future!

Step 5:


EpicMinecrafter870 (author)2015-04-19


Thank you kind dude ^.^

cacj131 (author)2015-01-01

This one wad very simple. But I hope you like it!

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