Tactical Light with a Pressure Switch on the Cheap

Picture of Tactical Light with a Pressure Switch on the Cheap

In this Instructable, I will show you what you need to assemble a tactical light for your air soft gun, for under $10.

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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need


LED light from Harbor Freight (   or Look for cupons that let you get these for FREE!!!

1 inch Weaver style scope rings. Any 1 inch ring will work, high or low profile. I am using NCStar rings (

Automotive cell phone charger or cable with 2 wires in it or two wires in heat shrink.

Thin piece of plastic (credit card)

Aluminum foil

Heat shrink tubing

Stick on Velcro

Electrical tape or Scotch tape

Epoxy (optional)



Wire strippers and cutters

Soldering iron

Screw driver and allen keys

Exacto knife



Step 2: Light Assembly

Picture of Light Assembly

Loosen the top of the scope rings and slide the light into them and tighten the rings. If the light is too loose, wrap a little electrical tape around the light and try it again. Do not tighten the ring too tight at the end with the screw on cap or you wont be able to take the cap off to change the batteries. You can stop here and mount it to your gun if you do not want a pressure switch.


glarive1 year ago
I don't quite under stand the construction of the button wouldn't the tin foil stay bent completing the circuit after the first time you used it? Please explain
tobster9103 (author)  glarive1 year ago
It works trust me. I wouldn't have posted it if it didn't work. The plastic card piece separates them enough that the circuit does not stay closed when you release the button.
Henry Jones2 years ago
Loved the guide, but, HOW COULD YOU!?!? Using a Powercard!
tobster9103 (author)  Henry Jones2 years ago
Sacrifices are sometimes necessary!
thing 23 years ago
I salute you.
ilpug3 years ago
I think I might make this for my Kirenex.
zack attack3 years ago
what gun is that?
tobster9103 (author)  zack attack3 years ago
That is a DBoys MK17
darkbunny273 years ago
Aron3133 years ago