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Introduction: Tactical Space Pen - EDC

I am an imprisoned writing instrument addict.

I wanted to share my version of combining a nice stainless steel pen barrel with the fantastic space pen refill ink cartridge.
Even-though this is not my invention - it is a new idea to me, which I had to create.

The everyday carry world aka EDC - which I am also addicted to – reveal the ideas of maximizing usefulness of what we carry.

The Tactical Space Pen is an item that fits my bill for a EDC pen.

The marbles pictured are from my childhood - another passion.

Step 1: Items Needed and Tools

Items to combine into one


Zebra F-701 Ball point pen, fine point 0.7mm

Heavy-duty stainless steel barrel

Easy to hold knurled grip

Clicking mechanism

Retractable cartridge – not going to be used


Fisher space pen cartridge – Medium point black ink

It can write in all conditions


Curved dental pick - other sharp objects could be used

Step 2: Open Barrel and Remove Internal Items

Open Barrel and remove internal items

I twisted (unthreaded) the tip of the barrel.

I took out the retractable cartridge (put it in the drawer for possible future use)

I saved the spring to reuse for this project.

Using the dental pick, I pulled the plastic plug out of the tip.

Please note: It does not take a great deal of force to pull the plastic plug out. I suggest that you reach as far down in to the tip with the pick.

Also note: I believe other styles of picks could work. I used what I had available.

Step 3: Replace Components

Replace components

Using the existing spring, I reversed the dis-assembly process - but using the space pen ink cartridge.

Side note: the space pen has a plastic spacer in the packaging. This plastic spacer is not needed for this application.

Step 4: Finished Tactical Space Pen

This was a great little project.

I have several requests for additional pens.

Thank you for viewing my Instructable



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    Awesome modification !

    I’ve made a tactical pen also https://www.instructables.com/id/Gel-Ink-Pen-with-a...

    My pen is made of light and strong titanium and it can break windshields in case of emergency.However it takes gel-ink refill which is prone to impact(U can see how it leaked after a hit).Maybe the combination of yours and mine would make a perfect tactical pen.

    Thank you for the nice comment. I am torn on functional ink over nice writing, gel ink would write better than the space pen ink.

    one other thing to add to this - it is all over the web but if you want to get rid of the black plastic tail cap on the 701 - get a f-402 zebra pen and take the metal tail cap off and it will fit the 701 just fine no black plastic on the 701 all nice metal!!

    good idbl

    That would take it up a notch - thanks

    Thanks Fikjast, I regularly EDC the bullet pen, but the Zebra body does look quite nice and strong. If you are into EDC check out a new app we just made for organizing EDC gear. https://itunes.apple.com/app/id964456814 . Cheers!

    I don't understand what is making it tactical?

    First, thank you viewing and making a comment.

    My idea for building it; is that it can survive about anything and still be used. Writes under water etc, can be bounced around and not break.
    It is a heavy duty pen with more than one use.
    I think if you look up every day carry, you will find it interesting.

    Thank you for viewing my instructables.

    A what?