this is my first ible.
it's a shotgun, well sort of.
it has 2 magazines behind each other so you will shoot 2 bullets.
it has a comfortable stock close to the handle only the firing ram will get kinda in the way.
it has a good sight.
true trigger of course.
its kinda powerful for a shotgun.
how longer the range how more the spread.
it use my own easy gun system and my own trigger.
has kinda long magazines.
strong gun and light weighted.

so i hope you guys like it.

the instructions: https://www.instructables.com/id/Tactical-Submarine-Shotgun-TSS-instructions/
It's okay, the handle looks comfy (so does the stock) but it also looks quite flimsy. Fix that up and it'll be a lot better! =D
well yes thats true but i did actually made that to make it more light weighted
Are you one of the people that prefers lighter guns, or is it just this on?
well i prefer lighter guns more yeah but maybe ill make soome heavier ones to. <br>i like them because you will get more movability.
Heavier ones feel more realistic.
well i didnt think it was a well normal shotgun so i just gave it some more name and well idk either lol
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This may be a stupid question, but why is it 'submarine'?

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