In this instructable im going to show you how to make a tactical hand grip for your k-bar out of an old bike inner tube.

what youll need:
-bike inner tube

-k-bar knife


Step 1: First Step

The first step is to remove the end cap.
Am I the only one to notice this isn't actually a Ka Bar? <br> <br>
I find that the grips on these knives are a bit to &quot;round&quot; for my hand to be comfortable. While you have the butt of the knife off, it would be a good time to sand down or cut down the sides of the handle, flattening down the sides. <br><br>Never thought about putting the grips like this though, nice touch.
The round handle was found to increase operator injury, and is not often found on modern fighting knives (such as the improved Marine bayonet). The Ka-Bar will always exist in its iconic form, but they do have synthetic and shaped grips in the lineup as well. Shaving the sides to an oval profile will give a more natural grip, and help index the edge to front<br>Another necessary modification for most knives in this range of quality is to put a proper grind and edge on them...the factory never will, they want them cheap and fast. There is nothing tactical about a chisel.
Good idea, But its called a KA-BAR not a k-bar.
Splendid idea matey.
thanks for that comment atombomb1945.

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