Tactical Light Binder Clip or "tac Cap Clip"





Introduction: Tactical Light Binder Clip or "tac Cap Clip"

Went fishing last night, and found myself on a pickle trying to hold my fishing gear in one hand and flashlight on the other walking on big boulders.
My tactical light did not had a clip, so I was looking for options to attach it to my cap, while looking for ideas, I had a rusty binder clip sitting around on my desk and it hit me. Here is the result. It has to be a small flashlight of course , or a larger clip for that matter.

When you secure you flashlight remember to remove the clips and store them or attach a ruber band so they are not hanging.

Pura Vida!

Step 1: Needed

1 clip
1 small flashlight (a led tactical is better)

Step 2: Result



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    I have to make this. I used to have a really nice headlamp, but then the AAA battery holder broke. This will solve all my problems.