The Tactical shotgun V2 has now been updated and also comes with instructions!

Step 1: Stock

Just follow the pics.

Step 2: Middle Part

Keep following,it's not difficult.

Step 3: Barrel/under Barrel Shotgun

Step 4: Mag/ammo

self explanatory.

Step 5: Loading

1. Load ammo
2. Insert mag ak style(pics 1-2)
3. pull back pin
4. point
5. fire
6. rinse,wash and repeat =) 
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Johnhall14s-Tactical-Shotgun-v2-Mods-and-Review/" rel="nofollow">Review/Mods</a>
Wait a sec.... this is a shotgun with a shotgun attachment? Man you must really like shotguns!
lol yep =p I do like shotguns. Full auto shotgun/pistol/smg that fires at about 15 rps is almost complete =)
Alright! Can't wait! <br> <br>I finished building a folding pistol.
Thanks =) A folding pistol sounds interesting =)
Yeah, it's a handgun form of a FNG-9
It just got more interesting =) My full auto shotgun thing would be finished and posted but Im having some internet problems(Reason for 2 comments I removed,triple post)
dope. Will be building sometime. possibly reviewing.
Ok thanks =)
Great work!
Thanks =)
A bucket list is things to do before you die, somehow I don't think you knew that =P
A bucket list is things to do before you die, somehow I don't think you knew that =P
Thanks =) When do you plan on dying =p
Looks good
Thanks =)
No problem

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