Step 3: Gather contents

Picture of Gather contents
Next gather the items that you want to include in your can. You may want to place your larger items up next to the can to make sure they will fit and that the can will close securely. I will be using mine along with my LBE ( load bearing equipment) and my condor urban go bag ( highly recommended bag, cheaperthandirt.com). Since I have an AK 47 (wasr 10 63) I will of course include my AK buttstock cleaning kit. I'm also packing extra batteries and spare parts including a firing pin.

You can make a different kits to fit your camping or tactical needs-

first aid items
other tactical items
camping kit
sewing kit
fire starting kit

Other things that you may want to include to fit your needs.

Rem wipes ( I will probably add these to mine)
sewing needles
small spools of thread
bandages (why would you put these in a band aid can right?)
alcohol swabs
fingernail clippers
signal mirror

another tip:

You may want to stuff some lint or a piece of fabric to keep small metal parts from clanging together if noise is a factor.