Picture of Tactics for a k'nex war
Hello knex gunners, this is an instructable on some tactics, choices and a few small games at the end. Feel free to adapt these games, and you don't have to follow this completely, this is just what I do.
Any ideas are welcome for new games, and I may turn this into a collaboration if i get more ideas.
Without further ado, lets get on!

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Step 1: Choosing your weaponry

This step will cover ammounts allowed from 1 -8

1 weapon: Try to choose an all-purpose weapon, it should really have a mag, and/or a grenade launcher, and I would recommend the storm 223 for this job

2 weapons: choose an assault rifle for this, and I usually choose either a sniper rifle or a pistol as well. A sniper rifle is long range, and accurate, so if your objective or base is inside the house upstairs, then you can snipe from the window. the pistol is small and easily concealable, and can pack fair power while still being light weight. I would use my tj-sr-v14 for a sniper or IAC's Spiff pistol for these.

3 weapons: Choose a sniper rifle, an Assault rifle and a pistol.

4 weapons: Choose a sniper, an assault, a pistol and either a shotgun or a grenade for now. Shotguns and grenades can both hit many people at once, however grenades are smaller. i would use the J5 barricade shotgun and 2 blue connectors with red connectors slotted in loosely for a grenade

5 weapons: Choose a Sniper, an Assault, a Pistol, a shotgun and a grenade.

6 weapons: Choose a Sniper, an Assault, a Pistol, a shotgun, a grenade and either a machine gun or another pistol. Use a light machine gun like a powerful small gatling gun.

7 Weapons: Choose a Sniper, an Assault, a Pistol, a shotgun, a grenade, a machine gun and another pistol.

8 weapons: Choose a Sniper, an Assault, a Pistol, a shotgun, a grenade, a machine gun, another pistol, and either another grenade or an assault knife.

1. if you carry too many large guns, it will be hard to move, so stock up on grenades and pistols if you have trouble.
2. For 1 or 2 weapon games, you dont have many guns, so make sure they are good and versatile.
3.For some games, particularly CTF, you will need soldiers suited to different jobs. The weapons used must reflect this.
4. Only use guns like I am Canadians heavy cannon if the other team has one and is prepared to get hurt, and if so, go OUTSIDE!
5. in a knex war, nobody cares what type of trigger you have, use a block trigger if the gun is your style.

Weapon Limitations

you can put limits on your weapons, such as a ban list or originality rule. The ban list is basically a list of knex guns that cannot be used in the game. Originality is where players must design their own guns to use in a war. Other rules include a part limit (it can use a certain amount of these parts), a gun type limit (ex, assault rifles only), a minimum range and power stat, and a maximum power and range stat (not to be used with minimum range and stat).

Here are some very good guns to use in a war situation and why

I am canadian's Spiff pistol. It has good range, takes a humunganormously low amount of pieces and is one of the most reliable guns i have ever made.

I am Canadian's Heavy cannons (any of them). Huge and deadly, will scare people without having to fire it, and fires well too. *note*- may be banned from wars

My Storm 223. It is reliable and functions well.

BBKWG. Bakenbitz' war gun. It's all in the name.

Killerk's Pistol. Yes, a basic pistol is good for use. Make a stock of these (lol). It is easy to load and fire and never misfires.

My Storm 220 V2. Reliable and easy loading, and good range too.

AR-4 v3. Reliable, and it really does fire well.

DJ Radio's Jackal v4- reliable, and has removable mags for faster reload.

You get the idea. You need reliability as well as range and accuracy.
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i love this!tried with knex several times versus my brother but i always i do it with paper guns and i walk out of my base with a paper chaingun(works every time!!!!) he sees me and my chaingun has a bullet jammed in one of the barrels so i us a paper mosin nagant. love this game!
if you still play TF2, add me on steam, my username is
The Dolphin

I play TF2 a lot, thanks!
knexboy5862 years ago
hoe does dis have to do with knex?
The Jamalam (author)  knexboy5862 years ago
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
how does this have to do with knex?
The Jamalam (author)  knexboy5862 years ago
I'm sorry, still not with you.
oscartd3 years ago
what is the ninja walk?
~Meme~ oscartd2 years ago
XD spy crab.
The Jamalam (author)  oscartd3 years ago
Not sure, I didn't write all of this ible.
~Meme~2 years ago
Pyros in the game now.
jonathanmi3 years ago
Isn't heavy from Gary's mod? You know Minecraft?
The Jamalam (author)  jonathanmi3 years ago
No, Heavy Weapons Guy is definitely from Team Fortress 2, hence the picture. What about minecraft? :S
here and
The Jamalam (author)  jonathanmi3 years ago
Minecraft isn't part of garrys mod. Minecraft is a separate game. And Heavy is definitely from TF2.
I have Minecraft too
The Jamalam (author)  jonathanmi3 years ago
Also I've had minecraft since beta 1.1
mberg4 years ago
you keep on repeating "Choose a Sniper, an Assault, a Pistol, a shotgun, a grenade, a machine gun and another pistol" (whats with that)
The Jamalam (author)  mberg4 years ago
Random 2 years ago stupid me who doesn't know what he's talking about.
haha. i was like in my head. "stop repeating this! I know what to do, alright~!"
did u just copy a page off team forttress? this dosent really apply to knex that well
I agree with you. TF2 is MUCH better than knex. And why did he say the pyro isn't in the game?
tomm0505 Izokay4 years ago
Knex/Human Vs. fire. That's going to go down well.
The Jamalam (author)  Izokay5 years ago
how are you supposed to make knex fire?
well, you could substitute fire with water, same principle, jut less burns
The Jamalam (author)  ShadowChaosControl5 years ago
i suppose... (and its FEWER burns, not less)
thank you, grammar police
The Jamalam (author)  ShadowChaosControl5 years ago
No problem, my friend! And don't forget your full stops!
to get off topic, and back to the topic you originally got off topic with, i suppose you could mod a super soaker to shoot flames, just not sure anyone would want to play with that person
yea just fill it with fuel and tape a lit match in front of the part the water comes out and bam instant flame thrower i saw it on youtube
just make it like a flamethrower fill it with gasoline and put a match or lighter in front of it that would be a very cool instuctable
One word is going through my head: BOOM!!
there are a ton of them on youtube, its where i got the idea
Oh, sorry. I thought that you meant that the pyro wasn't in TF2.
The Jamalam (author)  Izokay5 years ago
lol kk, izokay (its okay) lol
Umm, well... That would be kind of hard, since K'nex are plastic and therefore tend to meld rather easily when exposed to open flame. Perhaps a water gun would, work though.
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(removed by author or community request)
The Jamalam (author)  Ludwig Gunner6 years ago
no, we'll flag you, and stop running that behaviour survey, its p*ssing me off
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