This instructable describes a quick and simple way to create a tactile keyboard or game controller using
- cardboard,
- aluminium foil,
- and an Arduino.

It also provides the Arduino and Processing codes to immediately start playing !

Ideal for quick prototyping of games and electronic setup, as well as for educational purposes

Step 1: Prepare the Tactile Keyboard

Cut pieces of aluminum foil to make the keys. Simply tape them to a piece of cardboard.

Shapes, dimensions, and arrangement of the keys can be varied. In this example, I used triangle shapes arranged in a Top/Down/Left/Right configuration to create a game controller.

Round shapes in a line, can make a keyboard, for a visual or musical control panel, for example.
Thankd for the reply. I was able to set things up <br>http://i46.tinypic.com/e86dc2.jpg <br> <br>is it possible to run another processing sketch <br> <br>eg \\\\\\\\\ import processing.dxf.*; <br> <br>void setup() { <br>size(400, 400, P3D); <br> <br>background(#DEF6FF); <br>beginRaw(DXF,&quot;positions.dxf&quot;); <br>} <br> <br>void draw() { <br> <br>} <br> <br>void mouseDragged() { <br>fill(#0299CE); <br>ellipse(mouseX, mouseY,10, 10); <br>} <br> <br>void keyPressed() { <br>endRaw(); <br>exit(); <br>}\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ <br> <br>within a case statement or link the case statement to another sketch , so that when a button is pressed, the other sketch runs ? <br> <br>
Not sure I understand, but you might be complicating things. Can't you just put the &quot;button&quot; code in a function or a class?
is it possible to print t,b,l,r into a text file when pressed ?
Yes, I am pretty sure it is possible, although I have not done it myself. <br> <br>The Processing code can do that easily with the createWriter() commande. You can see an example at http://www.processing.org/reference/createWriter_.html <br> <br>Other than that , you could try to do it using Gobetwino (http://playground.arduino.cc/Interfacing/GoBetwino) or using the write() function of the SD library if you log your file on a SD card (http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/SD). <br> <br>Let us know how it goes !

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