Taffy Twist Bracelet!




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Introduction: Taffy Twist Bracelet!

Step 1: Placing the Bands

First you start with the arrow pointing away from you . Go down the loom and stop two pegs from the end. Now grab two different colored rubberbands and twist them into a infinity shape and skip one peg and put it on do this till the end. Now your ready to crochet!

Step 2: Looming!

Now you make an infinity shape and put it on the last peg . Now you go under all of them and get the left bottom color and pull it over itself do this to the other side . Loom all the way up and loom from the last peg on the left the the middle same on the other side. Now your ready to finish !

Step 3: Finishing !

Now you can stick your hook through all the rubberbands and grab another and pull it through . Now you can take it off the loom enjoy your taffy twist rubberband bracelet!



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    This stitch reminded me of the same kind of stitch you do when you make the waterfall braclet! Lol! Anyways great job!

    I tried my hardiest Please vote for me I don't own a rainbow loom yet -