Here is my second rainbow loom instructable! This bracelet is so cool and pretty easy too! I would say this is a intermediate level design just because you have to work with a lot if bands. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you do, please vote for it I the bracelet contest!! Enjoy!!! <3

Step 1: Supplies

1.) one rainbow loom
2.) four rubber band colors
3.) hook
4.) clip
<p>i made it</p>
<p>I love it! So easy, I've only ever done the single one that comes with the loom! Thanks for a great tutorial!</p>
<p>And I think I messed up but still, not bad haha!</p>
Yes you do
do you put a twist on the end
good luck to you too
Thank you!! Good luck!
I entered the bracelet competition yet I love this bracelet so I am absolutely voting for you.
Thank you!!
Looks really cool!

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Bio: My favorite topic to make Instructables about is jewelry! If you have any jewelry related questions, please ask! Requests are always welcome!
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