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I recently upgraded the nerf target tech gun by adding an extra spring and removing the air restrictors. i had the version that uses the big bullets and i wanted  more but couldnt find them, so i used a buzz bee/air tech shell and drilled out the back to let air through, this let the regular maverick/firefly darts fit in and be fired. it now flies about 90 feet. if you want an instructable or video of firing it please tell me and i'll work on it. comment please!


manofpluto (author)2016-01-15


osh114 (author)2012-02-17

Where is your explination? it is only pictures.

tynow (author)osh1142012-02-19

for now i have just pictures. maybe ill do a full instructable soon

osh114 (author)tynow2012-02-22

ok send me a copy of the instructable whene you do. tnx

tynow (author)osh1142012-02-28

alright, ill be sure to do that.

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