Tahu M.O.C.




Introduction: Tahu M.O.C.

Step 1:

I had a few old parts lying around and decided to make this guy.

Step 2:

Some of the parts were inspired by code geass robots called Nightmares.

Step 3:

The waist has a larger range of motion than most of bionicle's sets, as well as a movable neck

Step 4:

Please comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions this is my first MOC posted here, and I wasn't sure if anyone would want the instructions. Please comment if you do.



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Not to be that guy, but

1: Knightmares from Code Geass

2 The possibility of us being able to make that is around 0%

If you made it maybe 3x big, then the hand can be extremely cool.

Nice, but I think it could use more work before actually publishing it.

1. I said they were from code geass

2. I posted instructions, I understand that some don't gave the parts, but that's how it was built.

And I made it how I made it, because it was so long ago I don't see the need for changing it.