OK here we go this is a basic step by step that will help you understand how to do this project. Not Exactly how to do it because it will be different for everyone. (sound familiar its Zooms moto) Hope you can get how to do this and ill see many more pictures of peoples working brake light and turn signals!! HOPE THIS HELPS!!!

To understand this project you need to have a basic knowledge of the 555 timer and how to use it. I have found numerous websites that give detailed information on how to use one and how to wire it all together.
This one is my favorite.


Step 1: Basic Info

A 555 timer is basically an on or off circuit and chip that turns an object on for a time period and off for a different calculated time. The website above has a very simple way of determining the resistors and the capacitor values.

The way that I did the brake lights are taking two separate 555 timers with the same values for the resistors and capacitor on the two separate chips I wired them together and made it so that when you flick a three way switch to the left it runs current through the 555 for the left light and makes the left light blink 3 times per second. The same principal for the right blinker and 555 circuit.

A few things to consider before starting this project
1. Your power can come from any battery with the voltage between 4 and13v. The reason is because the 555 timers you will use can only handle that range. I chose to use 6volts because the motor puts out 6.1volts from the white wire and it will theoretically charge my battery.
2. The lights themselves need to be LEDs because they are very bright and versatile when it comes to voltage. When you go to walmart or an auto supply store the lights that you will buy are set up for 12volts. This means that they are using an incandescent bulb that needs 12v or the LEDs have a resistor that brings down the voltage so that the LEDs wont blow up.
3. The entire job is custom!!! You can find pre-made ones that will work but you have unlimited possibilities when you build your own lights and timers.

<p>I really like the idea that you have here for a turn indicator light set-up. I would like to know if there is any chance that you could provide a schematic for this project as I am not very bright when it comes to ohms law and such. I actually failed electronics when I went to school. If no schematic were available, would I be able to use your project idea (the manufactured turn signals, gutted) with this project </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Bicycle-Turn-Signals/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Bicycle-Turn-Signals/</a> ???</p>
Schematics please! They are easier to &quot;read&quot; than a written explanation. Cool looking project otherwise.
you should add a wiring diagram in here. i cant tell anything from the picture with the 2 555 chips in it.

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