Tailgating Beer Trike





Introduction: Tailgating Beer Trike

This is the finished product of my wife telling me to find a hobby after only being at home and retired two weeks. It is a 3 speed peddle powered 2 keg beer bar. As any true sports fan knows tailgating is an art. Who is the most popular guy at a tailgate event? The guy with FREE BEER! With this you are mobile and able to move from one party to the next and not viewed as a moocher.

Step 1: Building Frame and Carriage

I would say this was the hardest part. Cutting a brand new bicycle in half. Welded the main carriage beam to modified frame. Laying out and tack welding the carriage took some time. Clamping was important to prevent warping of carriage.

Step 2: Streering

Steering linkage had to be strong to handle the weight of keg box. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have.

Step 3: Sand Blasting & Powder Coating

Taking it apart and sending it to be sand blasted & powder coated seamed to take forever. Dropped it off and wait my turn. 3 weeks later I picked it up.

Step 4: Reassemble of Trike

All is starting to come together. I know I'm not very technical but I feel as they say. A picture says a thousand words.

Step 5: Chille Tub & Keg Box

Originally I was only going to drop the kegs into the watering trough full of ice. Then I added the chill box & bar top. Which is another whole story. The black is Truck bed liner sprayed on to waterproof over the insulation. i had the bar top covered too. Better serving surface.

Step 6: Insulated Ice Chamber

With the box insulated it can keep 2 kegs chilled for more than a couple days without adding more ice. this is after 3 days and half the ice was still there.

Step 7: Beer Trike Finished

I thought people might be interested in renting it for parties. Being a small Western Colorado town. Everyone wanted to borrow it. " I'm only needing it for one day. Why can't you let me borrow it buddy?" . So I'm going to drive it to Columbus,Ohio . See if some drunk Ohio State University tailgater will buy it.

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    Oh you wouldn't believe how many times I jumped out of bed to write down solutions to design problems.

    Disregard, I wasn't clear on the steering mechanism. Neat stuff! How does it handle?

    1 reply

    With the weight on this pivot point I didn't want it to twist. 3 points worked for strength. Was low on GB when I entered the contest. So I was limited as to how many pictures I could send.


    Send me a privet message and we can talk.

    Yes it's would be a great theme bar at party or cycle event. Talk about a chick magnet! They all want to have their pictures taken on it. Used it at Colorado Mesa University fund raiser a couple years ago. Could have made a bundle if I charged to pose with the Trike. Note dule gas gages so each keg CO-2 was kept at the right pressure.


    I'm trying to find a National Championship Winners magnet to put on it. YES! GO BUCKEYES !!!

    This is brilliant! How did you come up with the design? Do you have brakes on the front or only the rear?

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    Hi B4SEC4MP, The front caliper breaks are mostly used as Parking Brakes. The rear wheel uses a coaster break. It's fun riding this around the neighbor hood. As for where I got this idea was when I was in Portland OR. The HUB brewery. These guy have a cargo bike transformed into a beautiful bar bike. They are successful at renting one for parties. Google HUB brewery/beer bike. If you like mine YOU"LL LOVE theirs. Mike


    Check out the short video I posted. If I was going to do any serious riding I would have added a steering dampener.

    My dog Gunther loved riding in the tub of the trike. it steers well full. just have to watch out for the people running along side trying to draw beer from the taps.

    Have you ridden it?

    Also, you should defintiely enter this in the bike contest! https://www.instructables.com/contest/bicyclecontest/